Color Consultation

Color Consultation

The colors in your home set a mood and speak about your personality, preferences, and style. The Painted View helps you choose colors that resonate with you and your family. Through a service called color consultation, we combine our in-depth knowledge of color and design with your preferences. All designs and renovations benefit from a professional color consultation because choosing the right colors is vital to developing your fresh, personalized style.

The Psychology of Color

Is color importantly? More than you can even imagine! Color psychology shows that colors change brain chemistry and have a real effect on your mood, feelings, and actions. Color preferences are usually very personal and connected to memories and experiences, which is why it is important to have a color consultant who interacts closely with you, drawing out your true preferences with the right questions. Some universal truths coincide with certain colors.



Red is associated with excitement, passion, energy, and strong emotion.


Orange is known to
stimulate creativity and enthusiasm.


Green is unique because it shows a connection to nature and health but can have negative connotations like envy and greed.


Blue promotes harmony, peace, and calm.


White is usually associated with cleanliness, purity, and youth.


Want a warm, optimistic space in your house? Consider yellow, which evokes happy feelings.


Black is a popular color, and it is thought of as powerful, mysterious, and sophisticated.


Purple suggests luxury, spirituality, and creativity.


Pink, not surprisingly, has feminine vibes along with playfulness.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Choosing colors in your home is more complicated than you may realize. You might find a color on a color swatch that you love, but how that certain color interacts with your space may completely change the way you envision it. Natural and artificial light have a significant impact on color perception. Two rooms painted the same shade of blue will look different because one room faces north and does not get much natural light and the other room faces west and gets bright afternoon and sunset light.

You also need to consider the colors of woodwork, flooring, and furniture in the room. What is the purpose of the room? A workout room will need a different color scheme than a relaxing bathroom. Who will use the room most? Children often relate differently to colors than adults. With so many factors to think about when choosing colors in your home, it is wise to rely on a color professional. The Painted View can give you the confidence you need to bring the right colors into your home.

How a Color Consultant Helps You

The expert color consultants at The Painted View understand color psychology and will gather your personal color psychology through chats and questionnaires and then apply that knowledge to the style of your home. You can be confident that your home will reflect the personality of your family.

Find Your Color Preferences

During the consultation time, we get to know your individuality and your lifestyle. We ask about your color preferences and expectations. It is common to need guidance describing your thoughts on color. One client first told us she liked white and neutral colors, but after a conversation with her, we learned that she was drawn to colors found in nature, and too much color agitated her. Our color consultation resulted in a layer of designs using different textures in whites, neutrals, and colors found in nature. This client was pleased with the luxurious feel that suited her personality exactly.

Understand Current Trends

Just like design styles, colors also follow trends. To keep your home from looking dated, we keep up with all the current color trends. This helps us decide what to use in upholstery, window treatments, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. For over 15 years, we have been replacing green-gold brass plumbing fixtures with stainless steel and chrome in kitchens and bathrooms. Now, gold fixtures are trending. Yellow gold, pink gold, bronze gold — you have plenty of shades to choose from. Copper and black are also back in style. In general, home interior trends are moving away from gray and toward brighter, darker, moodier colors. We also see beige coming back, especially in warm, blush tones. With the colors comes natural woodwork, which tends to give rooms a softer feel. Just because something is trending, does not mean we are going to use it instead of your personal preference. We work with you to choose the most up-to-date colors that please you. We work with intensity, hue, and saturation to fit your overall scheme. Our goal is to create a space that looks and feels perfect to you.

Create Perfect Color Combos for Every Room

Our color consultation will result in a beautiful transformation of your new designs or renovated spaces. We handle the overall color scheme, the accent colors, the trim colors, the colors of the cabinets and shelving, the window treatments, flooring, and even the furnishings. Home renovations involve so many color choices, and it can be overwhelming. It is easy to think you have a flooring that works well with your wall color, or a sofa that looks great with your carpet, and then you get them together and realize it doesn’t work. A color consultation saves you those costly color mistakes. We will ensure that your colors complement each other, for a smooth, flawless look that will make you comfortable in your home.

Save Time and Money with a Personalized Color Consultation

Let The Painted View find the colors that suit your home and your family. We are professional color consultants who listen closely to our clients. Your personalized color consultation will be about you, not about us. We want to give your entire new space a fresh, pleasing look that evokes good emotions, so you will love your home more than ever.


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