Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Starting with our first meeting, The Painted View Interiors will help you choose kitchen renovation ideas that strike just the right balance between fashion and longevity while incorporating your ideas, wants, and style.

Let’s take your kitchen renovation from inspiration to effortless completion.

The Painted View Interiors has the product depth and services to accomplish a complete kitchen remodel or just an update. Our services include custom kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing, design, storage solutions, countertops, backsplashes, and more. Contact us today to set up your complimentary kitchen design consultation. We oversee the kitchen renovation process from start to finish, ensuring the most efficient, hassle-free experience possible.

Kitchen Renovation Inspirations

What is your lifestyle?
An open-plan living kitchen creates a functional space ideal for cooking, eating, and socializing. Fill it with light, and it becomes a beautiful blank canvas to create the kitchen scheme of your dreams. Or when space is tight, a peninsula kitchen is a stylish and practical alternative. Not only do they act as a room divider without compromising the light they also create an excellent additional seating solution for study time.

What is your design style?
Do you want an eco-aware vibe, tech integrated modern, or a bespoke look to your kitchen renovation? The Painted View Interiors understands your vision and knows how to source or build the elements to achieve your style.

Your perfect kitchen renovation starts with a quick call to us or submitting the form below.

Transform Your Vision with Lighting

Besides having a huge impact on aesthetics and functionality, it can also have profound effects on your mood, emotions, and well being.

Motion sensor cupboard lights
Motion sensor lighting makes an excellent choice for walk-in larders or cupboards. It’s a clever little extra that will transform your kitchen lighting scheme from ordinary to impressive. And, of course, the lights turn off when the door is closed to save energy, too.

Under-cabinet spotlighting
Lighting the dark space under wall-hung cabinets offers task lighting for food preparation and creates a welcoming glow that gently illuminates kitchen worktops. There are many variations to choose from, from single budget-friendly spotlights to integrated designs that disappear into the cabinet when not in use. Matching statement pendants worked into your lighting scheme will create a stylish look.

Layered kitchen lighting
A functional kitchen lighting plan can house multiple lighting types in harmony without looking overcrowded or overbright. We help clients choose fixtures for the task, ambient and mood lighting that suit each kitchen renovation with style and balance.

Put your renovated kitchen in the spotlight.

Your kitchen might be the most hardworking part of your home – and where we spend more downtime than ever before – the kitchen needs to be lit perfectly to make the space practical as well as beautiful.

Because we are licensed to buy wholesale we pass savings and cost efficiencies to our clients. Turning your interior design visions into a reality is what we do best. So call us at 954-599-7951 and let’s start our first collaboration.

Transform Spaces with Floor Coverings

Choose from a world of textures and colors in floor covering. From wood to marble to carpet, the color palette of your home décor can change from room to room creating a calming environment in one space or energize another.

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Because we are licensed to buy wholesale we pass savings and cost efficiencies to our clients.

Window Treatments Transform Style and Comfort

Wood is rich in color & character with exclusive natural grains and brilliant finishes responsibly sourced from all over the world. An eco-chic window dress uses beautiful weaves and natural materials, Stay comfortable with unique honeycomb cellular designs that improve insulation and temperature control.

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Because we are licensed to buy wholesale we pass savings and cost efficiencies to our clients.

We use proven playbooks to deliver amazing interior design results.


We’ll meet for the first time at your home or on Zoom so we can learn about your vision, your unique needs, design preferences, and your budget.


We create preliminary concepts with a mood board that correlates with your directions. Elements are refined to your satisfaction.


Once you’re in love with your solutions my team proceeds with execution including plumbing, electrical, flooring, furniture, window treatments, and finishing details.


We oversee the installation process to assure the outcome translates your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Let’s Create Something Together


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