Properly planned lighting makes a huge impact on the overall ambience and feeling of a room. Since artificial light has many roles to play it is separated into three categories, general, accent, and task lighting. It’s uses and applications are dictated by your space and it’s intended purpose. Incorporating lighting from each lighting type is called layering and includes using lights from any of the three types in a way that they blend well and create an ambience for the room.

General lighting is background or ambient lighting and evenly illuminates the room to a comfortable level of brightness for seeing a moving around. This is accomplished with chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights, table lamps and with lanterns outside your home.

Focusing light on a particular area or object is Accent lighting.It creates interest in a room by highlighting architectural features, art or other artifacts. Common accent lights are wall sconces, recessed lights, torchère lamps, track lighting and floodlights.

Task lighting is designed to assist you in performing a particular activity. Light is focussed reducing eye strain by highlighting the small object and providing contrast.Types of task lighting include, appliance lights, under counter lights, desk lamps or floor reading lamps.

You may hear people use the words direct or indirect lighting. Simply put direct light source is where there is nothing between the light and the object being illuminated. Indirect lighting refers to source (sometime hidden) that directs the light to bounces off of the walls or ceiling to illuminate a room.

Presently lighting appears to be the most rapidly evolving element in interior design. Innovations are inspired by energy efficiency and creativity.A helpful tip is installing dimmer switches on your light fixtures to save energy and allows you to tone down ambient lighting or brighten your lighting scheme as needed.

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