Space Planning

A beautiful home with top of the line furnishings and amazing art and collectibles should automatically provide you with a lovely space to live. However, sometimes the most spacious home can feel cluttered with possessions you truly love. Luckily, getting rid of your prized possessions isn’t the answer. A little known, although very important, part of interior decoration can solve your problems.

Space planning is a careful combination of function, personality, and beauty that brings the structural and functional elements of your home into balance with the decorative touches you love. The first step in your professional interior design process, space planning allows your designer to analyze your favorite possessions and furnishings along with the way your space will be used to create a functional and beautiful room. Space planning will also help dictate the scope of your project before we begin. For instance, you may want an addition or decide to eliminate an existing wall to open up your floor plan.

Whether the rooms in your home require construction that will change the structure of your space, or you need a drastic layout remodel to make your home functional again, we can help. Space planning is the first step to creating beautiful, useful, rooms your family and guests will love.

Why Space Planning is Important

Functionality is an essential factor in your home’s design. Still, function without the furnishings you enjoy will diminish your overall happiness with your home. Space planning provides your designer with a method to have the best of both worlds designed to showcase your unique personality. Space planning is the element of design that creates a space you enjoy spending time in.


As families are forced to spend more time at home, it quickly becomes clear that each room must provide functional space to accomplish daily tasks comfortably. For many people, the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the home. Without the right layout, it can be difficult to cook, serve, and consume food without creating a human traffic jam. Your attractive marble countertops become a clutter magnet, and your appliances can be a challenge to use. A carefully planned space will showcase the focal points you love and provide a functional space for the unique way your family functions.


The number of people who use any zone or space must be able to comfortably circulate through the room. Otherwise, your home quickly begins to feel like a maze. Consider a home office. When your home office is designed for one person, it can be simple to create an easy-to-use flow throughout a small space. If two people are suddenly forced to share the same space, productive work can slow to a halt. A layout that provides proper circulation will allow both people to get the most out of sharable technology and furniture while providing task lighting. Instead of fighting over the best workspace, each person will have the individual space that works best for them.


Of course you want your home to be beautiful. An attractive space provides an enjoyable experience. Whether your favorite room combines elegant decoration with the ultimate comfort your whole family enjoys, or you’re creating a lavish entertainment room, it can be an attractive space that showcases the items you love. Each element of interior design works together to create a room that is uncluttered, comfortable, and tastefully laid out.

The Space Planning Process

At The Painted View, creating a gorgeous space that fits the unique needs of each customer is our goal. That’s why we begin our design process with space planning. Every person is unique. Instead of a cookie-cutter image from a magazine or a photo image of every other home on your block, your Fort Lauderdale home should provide an opulent space that reflects the unique personalities of the people who live within its walls. Our process begins with getting to know you and ends with a space designed for you to love. Here’s what you can expect.

We actually get to know you. The Painted View interior design process begins when our design team gets an opportunity to meet and learn a little about the people who will use the area when it’s complete. You share information about your hobbies, personal interests, and how you plan to use the room. We also ask about current challenges and what you hope to accomplish.

You share the elements you can’t live without. If you have furnishings you want to remain in the room, now is the time to make a list. Your layout will depend on the things you want to complete the space and the feeling you want to evoke in the room.

We create potential lay-out solutions. Using the information we’ve compiled, existing natural light, the focal points in the room, and existing furnishings, we create a layout for your improved space. During this phase, we discuss all potential options including potential home additions or ways to create more open space.

Together, we plan the finishing touches. The layout of your room provides the functionality you need. It’s often the finishing touches that create the appearance you want. Elements like lighting, wallpaper, and window treatments can change the way a room feels and make a space look larger than it really is.
100% satisfaction is our goal. We don’t begin work until we’ve designed a layout you’re delighted with that also provides the function you need.

Space planning provides the first steps for any successful interior design project or renovation. Truly successful space planning is a process that supports your life choices and enhances the beauty of your home. Get in touch with the expert designers at The Painted View to get your custom space plan and transform the space inside your home. Our goal is to delight our customers by creating unique spaces that reflect your personal style and provide the function you need. Stop trying to live with the limitations of your home and let us help you find the solution today.

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