Window Treatments

Window treatments play a pivotal role in design because they perform multiple functions. Depending on your needs, they can control lighting, add privacy, help sound absorption, or any combination for all of the above including simply for decoration. This can not be overstated enough, windows and their treatment set the mood for a room. Whether they function as the stars of the show or supporting actors in a space windows treatments finish a room.

Used effectively they are sleek, or soft, or elegant, or edgy or whimsical or barely there. They are employed in a variety of ways to accentuate or camouflage your architectural features. We love windows and light, and appreciate the ability to manipulate it to suit your purposes. With a huge number of choices, our custom workrooms manufacture draperies, roman shades, solar shades, blinds, shutters, and cornices. The Painted View also uses drapery panels and hardware that can be purchased ready made at discounted retail pricing or wholesale. Our experienced installers guarantee a smooth and stress free placement.

Our clients have a dining room surrounded by gorgeous views with lots of natural light. They prefer a clean modern look and practical ease of function. The room practically screamed for a barely there sheer. The custom flex millwork was installed and painted the same color as the ceiling.This was done to blend in with the ceiling and hide the specialty hardware that allows the drapes to be on a single rail with a one center opening that when opened, exposes the entire view from their 17th floor condo. Installing them on the ceiling accomplished the understated drama and simplicity of elegance the clients desired.

Window treatments ready made or custom are not an inexpensive item so it makes the most sense to work with a professional to suggest the best solutions and oversee installations. If you are going to spend your money use it wisely. This is a very specialized service shaping your home with personality. Windows come in all shapes and sizes requiring different applications according to dimensions, style and budget.

Our home owner have many windows with high ceilings in their new home. Everything was being replaced so we our budget is tight. Ready made solves the challenge and warmed up the living room in a cool shade of blue.

Window Treatments are a worthy investment to enhance and finishing your home. Love your view and escape to home. Contact us to schedule your consultation.